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We are an independent educational platform created for the research, development and visualization of speculative architectures.

We offer a series of pre-recorded short courses and tailored 1-1 teaching programs in architectural and computational design.

  • Cinematic Rendering

    Recorded Live Webinar.
    Valid for 2 years
  • Fabrics 1.0

    Recorded Live Webinar.
    Valid for 12 months
  • Fabrics 2.0

    Pre-recorded course.
    Valid for 12 months
  • Multi-objects

    Recorded Live Webinar.
    Valid for 2 years
  • Intro to Houdini

    Pre-recorded course.
    Valid for 12 months
  • The Magma House

    Pre-recorded Design Course.
    Valid for 12 months
  • Procedural Skins

    Recorded Live Webinar.
    Valid for 12 months
  • STV Bundle

    Live recorded sessions.
    Valid for 12 months
  • Unit X

    1-1 tutoring / 6 week project
    Valid for 2 years
  • Unit XV

    1-1 tutoring / 3 months project
    Valid for 2 years
  • Unit XL

    1-1 tutoring / 3 months project
    Valid for 2 years
  • Unit X6

    1-1 tutoring / 6 months programme
    Valid for 3 years
  • Unit X9

    1-1 tutoring / 9 months programme
    Valid for 5 years
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Price Fabric 2.0
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STV Bundle
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Unit X6
Unit X9
Procedural Skns
Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback

Simina-loana (Romania) - Fabrics 1.0 + Fabrics 2.0 + Procedural Skins:

I've been using Grasshopper a lot, but Houdini was very new to me at that time, so I wanted to learn how to solve this problem procedurally. Then I wanted to look into new ways of creating advanced procedural patterns. So, my master's partner and I took the Procedural Skins course which helped a lot. The courses helped me understand the processes, and I appreciate how they are taught. Loved the clarity of information inside these explorations. I intend to take the Unit XV course and Cinematic Rendering as I have used Redshift for one year, but I would like to learn more about it.

Kaan (UK) - Multi-objects:

I am very happy to have purchased this course, I found it very helpful especially for learning innovative architectural modelling techniques. Javier covers many tips and techniques that other Modo tutorials simply do not explain in detail. Thank you :)

Weiyi Wang (Hong Kong S.A.R / China) - Multi-objects + Fabrics 1.0 + The Magma House + SoftbiomeTV:

The course series are very instructive, instead of just teaching routine operations, javier will patiently explain the essential theory, and lead you to reflect on the possibility , the potence of the system.


Nicole (UK) - Fabrics 1.0 + Fabrics 2.0 + The Magma House:

Fantastic range of courses with great examples for beginners and advanced users! What I enjoyed most was that the principles behind the commands are very well and clearly explained. Highly recommend it.

Daniel (UK) - Fabrics 1.0:

Very patient tutor with super inspiring logic!


Charles (UK / China) - Unit X:

Unit X experience is really fun and fruitful to me. The 1 to 1 tailored 6- 8 weeks course allowed me to learn everything I have dreamed to achieve in Houdini and redshift softwares. With design strategies I learned from Javier, I felt more confident in skills and design now and I would love to come back and learn again soon. Definitely recommend to any students in architecture.


Freddie (Australia) - Fabrics 2.0:

I am learning a lot in fabrics 2.0

Julian (Austria / Germany) - STV:

I really like your softiomeTV format so far.

I also did some of your other modo and houdini workshops and I´m working with both software packages since quite a long time now, and the softiomeTV really helps me to avoid doing the same workflows in those software packages over and over again, but rather stay innovative and get inspired by new approaches every month. It´s like a creative trigger.

Mirna (Qatar) - Fabrics 1.0:

This is a rich, in-depth beginners course for anyone interested in learning Houdini. Javier takes you through the programme step by step, and clearly explains what most of the commands are, how they function, what they can do, and how you can use them. He shows you many of the different techniques that can be applied in order to achieve a number of different results. Definitely worth it! Thank You

Georg (Austria / Germany) - Multi-objects:

After this workshop I decided to use Modo as a key software for my workflow. It’s just super intuitive to use and is a great modeller which works very well together with Rhino or Unity. There are not many workshops for Modo out there so special thanks to Javier to offer this intense course which covers all modelling tools you would need to develop a great project.

Georg (Austria / Germany) - Fabrics 1.0:

Really great introduction to Houdini with very usable output. Easy to follow if you are familiar with node based and procedural design such as grasshopper. Great way to get to know how to use Houdini for Architecture.

Tzrndrm (Austria) - Fabrics 1.0:

Fantastic approach towards generative modelling. I was curious mainly to see how other professionals use the software ( data types, integration of programming, etc..). Considering the steep learning curve of Houdini, the tutorials were very clear and helpful to break down the logic of the software.  Highly recommended for beginners and advanced users.

Rasha (UK) - Multi-objects:

Really great course and up to the point! Highly recommended

Alanna (USA) - Fabrics 1.0

Fantastic course and beginner friendly. The clarity and time spent going through concepts in order to truly understand them is something I really value. I look forward to seeing what further insights into such incredible work are available in the future

Martin (USA) - Fabrics 1.0 

Javier,I think the course was great and adding extra time to finish it was imperative for me.  I hope I get to actually use it at school for my final year. I think using Houdini alongside / in partnership with other programs like Rhino is really interesting and useful for arch students, so I would have loved to hear more about Houdini --> Rhino workflows, ideas, potential uses, etc. Keep them coming!

Hussnein (UK) - Fabrics 1.0

I found this course more of an introduction into what was achievable by using Houdini, there are a lot of skills and nodes used in this course. These are all good as it gives power boost for new design work to be thought of through concepts.

Anonymous - Fabrics 1.0 

Hi Javier:
The additional video you have posted is awesome. Thank you for the detailed and professional way you have conducted the webinar.

Anonymous - Fabrics 1.0 

Awesome, thanks for the update! The classes were really engaging and intresting. Hope to have some advanced sessions 

Anonymous - Fabrics 1.0 

Thanks so much Javier,

great introduction to an exciting piece of software.

Will be on the look out for more upcoming webinars!

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