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Recorded on the 1- 19  March  2023

CINEMATIC RENDERING using Houdini + Redshift

Instructor: Kenneth Cai

Introduction :

The webinar will approach visualisation and rendering holistically using Redshift in Houdini, as well as cover aspects of pre- and post-production techniques outside of Redshift, such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. The aim is to help you create images not just through understanding the 'how's' but also the 'why's' - both technical and artistic aspects.


This course is for beginners (although a basic understanding of Houdini is preferred). We will start from the basics and introduce key concepts to set up a foundation, followed by basic to advanced techniques, such as materials, shaders, cameras, lighting, and so on. We will then gradually increase complexity and, by the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding and, hopefully, a larger arsenal of techniques to visualise your ideas and communicate through your visuals.

Content :

Chapter 1 - Intro (UI, displays, networks, nodes).

Chapter 2 - Procedural modelling and subject setup.

Chapter 3 - Part 1 Overview of Redshift.

Chapter 3 - Part 2 Viewports and RenderViews.

Chapter 3 - Part 3 Intro to Redshift cameras and lights.

Chapter 4 - Part 1 Redshift material properties.

Chapter 4 - Part 2 Material design (from scratch).

Chapter 4 - Part 3 PBR materials and Megascan Assets.

Chapter 5 - Part 1 Advanced Redshift cameras and lights.

Length of the webinar :   12 hours (Day 1 - 6h / Day 2 - 6h. Both days 12pm - 6pm London time)

Access to recordings :  2 years

Outcome of the webinar:

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