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Javier Ruiz

Founder + Associate

Javier is the Founder of Softbiome - An independent educational platform created for the research, development and visualization of speculative architectures.


Javier is also a Lecturer at The Bartlett School of Architecture where he has taught design studios in undergrad, graduate, and post-professional master’s degrees since 2014.

At the Bartlett Javier has also been involved in research projects which have been exhibited in The Centre Pompidou in Paris and at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York

He has also been Assistant Professor at the Institute of Experimental Architecture of the university of Innsbruck as well as ran design workshops around the world in cities like Florence, Dubai or Amsterdam

In the past Javier has worked at Foster+Partners, Grimshaw Architects, and Crab Studio. 

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Ross Gribben


Ross is the Founder and Director of Deep Pixel Studio - specializing in animation, visualization and game design. As an award-winning Designer, Ross has been featured on the cover of Perspective Magazine and was credited with The American Institute of Architects - Excellence in Design Award.

His work has been exhibited in the 2016 Venice Borders Festival and the 2021 Venice Biennale. Ross has lectured at The Bartlett School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University and Queen’s University Belfast.


Ross is also the designer of Wallpaper Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Friction Cover, one of the many high-profile projects from his time as a Designer at Heatherwick Studio, London.


Ross has a passion for embracing the visual narrative of design and seeks to drive and develop these skills in others.


Tony Le


Tony is a graduate of The Bartlett school of Architecture with the award of the Bartlett medal. Currently, he is working as a freelancer between the industries of architecture, film and games.

Tony also teaches in various courses at The Bartlett School of Architecture with digital modelling, procedural systems, and computational design methods.

For his master’s thesis, he built an algorithmic tool for designers to curate bespoke Genetic Algorithms for their generative design methodologies, which was published in the DC I/O - Design Computation conference in 2021.

Tony is captivated by the world of generative art and aspires to further his research in natural evolutionary systems in union with cinematography.

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Junichiro Horikawa


Junichiro is a graduate of Columbia University AAD and currently is a freelance working as a programmer and algorithmic designer for architecture, product and art field.

Junichiro has been developing software's for several architectural companies in Japan and has also been helping product designers and artists solving geometrical design problems.


He is also currently teaching at Tokyo University of the Arts and Waseda University as a lecturer and working as a professional staff at Tokyo University and CTO at gluon.


He is enthusiastic about geometrical design and currently sharing his knowledge at video platforms like YouTube using several programs as mediums.