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DESIGN WEBINAR  (Live recorded on  8 - 9  May 2021)

PROCEDURAL SKINS using Modo + Houdini + Redshit

Introduction :

This workshop was conceived as a collaboration between Illusorr and Softbiome under the name of Architectural Elements, now, Procedural Skins. The students were asked to attend the webinar and produce work. Followed by a crit/Q&A session Ilusorr would help them to implement the different outcomes in their virtual reality environment. What is presented here is the recording of the teaching material.

The course is beginner friendly and a brief introduction to Modo and Houdini was included. This however is really brief and anyone who wish to learn Modo and/or Houdini properly should get Softbiome's Intro to Houdini, Fabrics 1 or Multi-Objects. These courses provide and much more in-depth introduction to the programs.

As the title suggests the webinar has a focus on the development of a workflow between Modo and Houdini to produce procedural skins. The overall shape and form of our objects will be modelled in Modo while the actual procedural system will be generated in Houdini. All outcomes will be rendered using Redshift.

Explanations in how to import/export from Rhino are also provided.

Content :

Block 1 - Intro to Modo, polygonal modelling overall and 2 specific modelling techniques

Bock 2 - Export/Import of files into/from Modo, Houdini and Rhino. Built of the system in Houdini using simulation techniques.

Block 3 - Rendering techniques using Redshift

Block 4 - Further development and baking textures

Length of the course :   9 hours (+2 hours extra Q&A)*

*Included as an extra is a 2h session where Illusorr students asked questions to Javier. The session became a mix of technical info and overall design conversation.

Access to videos :  2 years.

Preview + similar outcomes of the webinar:

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