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THE MAGMA HOUSE using Houdini and Redshift

Introduction :

The purpose of this course is really dual. On one hand is an introduction to a particular way of modelling in Houdini using VDBs (one that results in truly organic and biologically inspired forms and shapes), On the other hand is a full introduction to rendering using Redshift, departing from the absolute basics to then move into more advanced techniques which will take advantage of the great integration that exists when using Redshift within Houdini.


I have been teaching this particular set of techniques for many years now and I still find fascinating how versatile, flexible and capable these approaches to design are when used in the right workflow

The course is planned as an introduction so newbies and more advance users can feel comfortable. It doesn't cover however the very basics of certain principles in which Houdini operate - Those are covered in depth in the Intro to Houdini and Fabrics 1 courses.

Content :

1 - Intro

2 - Chapter 1 - Introduction to VDBs

3 - Chapter 2 - Modelling techniques using VDBs

4 - Chapter 3 part 1 - Rendering in Redshift - Introduction

5 - Chapter 3 part 2 - Rendering in Redshift - Advanced techniques 1

6 - Chapter 3 part 3 - Rendering in Redshift - Advanced techniques 2

7 - Chapter 4 - Modelling and rendering The Magma House

8 - Chapter 5 - Compositing the scene of the Magma House using Quixel Megascans assets

(time spent on each point is variable.. some points will take much longer than others)

Length of the course :  15.5 hours

Access to videos :  2 years.

Outcomes of the course:

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