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Design + Advanced Computation

Tutors:  Javier + Tony


Introduction :

Unit XL is a 3 months 1-to-1 flexible course aimed at students or professionals of architecture, interior design, product design, concept design, digital art, motions graphics, NFTs, concept or commercial cinematics, and anyone with an interest in learning the latest techniques and methodologies in digital design and visualization regardless of your background.

We will start with a discussion about your personal interests and ambitions. This will help us tailor the program to you and your objectives. The outcome of this initial step will be a customised brief for the development of a project. 


To inform the brief we will also suggest topics and agendas we currently find interesting such as:

- Functionally graded materials.

- Large scale 3d printing.

- Novel/experimental typologies for site/culture specific projects.

- Dystopic/Speculative narratives.

- Bio-inspired strategies, aesthetics and performances.

- Generative and parametric urban design.

The course equally weighs concept design, 3d modelling and visualization skills and attempts to integrate them all into a streamlined design process.

The course is designed for flexibility and will be adjusted for any technical level and background, from complete beginners to already advanced designers.

Softbiome will provide a digital certificate (in the form of NFT) upon completion of the course.

Material Covered :

 - Design brief and design methodology.
 - Procedural modelling using Houdini.

 - Programming in VEX for Houdini.
 - Polygonal modelling using Modo.

 - Nurbs modelling using Rhino.
 - Concept rendering using Redshift.


If necessary, we will provide licenses for Modo, Houdini or Redshift.

Extra Access :

All Softbiome's Unit XL students will have full access to Softbiome's Fabrics 1.0, 2.0, Intro to Houdini, Multi-objects and Procedural skins courses and you will continue having access to the material for 24 months from the completion of the course.

All classes will be recorded and you will be given a private access to them lasting 24 months from the completion of the course.

Similar outcomes of the course: