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STV Bundle using Modo and Houdini

This course is a series of live recorded webinars under the name of Softbiome TV.

Discontinued due to my lack of time to make more, now they are all back in a package format for you guys to binge-watch all at once if you want.

Introduction :

Each session focuses on a technique or design strategy. The aim was to produce, every time, a piece of design as an outcome. The videos are less heavy on explanations than my other courses therefore I recommend that you guys go through Fabrics 1.0 and/or Multi-objects first in order to be able to follow with ease.

Length of the course :   17 hours

Access to videos :  2 years

Content :

Session 1 - Procedural Roots

Session 2 - Assemblies

Session 3 - Strategic Modelling

Session 4 - Tesselations

Session 5 - Parametric Flakes

Session 6 - Graded Materials

Session 7 - Triangulations

1 - Procedural Roots - (Houdini, 1:45h)

2 - Assemblies - (Houdini, 2:30h)

3 - Strategic Modelling - (Modo, 2:45h)

4 - Tesselations - (Houdini, 2:20h)

5 - Parametric Flakes - (Modo + Houdini, 3h)