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Introduction :

The course will cover all key aspects of how I use Houdini for the type of work that I do and teach at university. The aim is to give you my personal view and feeling on a software that we use as a powerful and flexible design tool.

This course is for beginners, we will start from scratch and we will gradually increase complexity. The idea is to go through as many KEY topics as possible so you can have a good overall understanding of how Houdini works but going deep and slow in those areas students struggle the most.

Content :

1 - Customizing UI

2 - Nodes

3 - Shelf Tools

4 - Display options

5 - Editing meshes

6 - Vectors

7 - Attributes

8 - Groups

9 - Point Vops and noises

10 - VEX 

11 - The Solver 

12 - Key Framing

13 - Rendering in Mantra

(time spent on each point is variable.. some points will take much longer than others)

Length of the course :  8 hours

Access to videos :  2 years.

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