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Introduction :

This webinar is an intense introduction to design using a very powerful polygonal modeller - Modo

We will cover the key techniques i find more useful to achieve a certain degree of richness and controlled complexity which is very important in architectural design and in other disciplines indeed.

The course is for beginners and we will start from scratch. Once the very basics of polygonal modelling are covered we will gradually build up complexity throughout the exploration of 7 techniques. The aim will be to first master them individually to later mix them and design hybrid chunk models exploring certain effects at different scales.

The final outcome of the workshop will be a series of test/chunk models, all of them aligned towards the ambition of creating multi-objects - Objects made of other objects with properties different to the individual parts.

Content :

0 - Customizing navigation

1 - Modo UI

2 - Basic modelling

3 - Basic rendering using Modo's native render engine

4 - Technique : Gradients

5 - Technique : Pinching

6 - Technique : Texturing

7 - Technique : Seaming

8 - Technique : Bridging

9 - Chunk design 1

10 - Technique : Nesting

11 - Technique : Patterning ( tower )

12 - Chunk design 2

(time spent on each point is variable.. some points will take much longer than others)

Length of the course :   12 hours

Access to videos :  2 years

Similar outcomes of the webinar:

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