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Reviews and Feedback

Rasha (UK) - Multi-objects:

"Really great course and up to the point! Highly recommended"

Alanna (USA) - Fabrics 1.0

"Fantastic course and beginner friendly. The clarity and time spent going through concepts in order to truly understand them is something I really value. I look forward to seeing what further insights into such incredible work are available in the future"

Martin (USA) - Fabrics 1.0 (webinar May 2020)

Javier,I think the course was great and adding extra time to finish it was imperative for me.  I hope I get to actually use it at school for my final year. I think using Houdini alongside / in partnership with other programs like Rhino is really interesting and useful for arch students, so I would have loved to hear more about Houdini --> Rhino workflows, ideas, potential uses, etc. Keep them coming!

Hussnein (UK) - Fabrics 1.0

I found this course more of an introduction into what was achievable by using Houdini, there are a lot of skills and nodes used in this course. These are all good as it gives power boost for new design work to be thought of through concepts.

Anonymous - Fabrics 1.0 (webinar May 2020)

Hi Javier:
The additional video you have posted is awesome. Thank you for the detailed and professional way you have conducted the webinar.

Anonymous - Fabrics 1.0 (webinar May 2020)

Awesome, thanks for the update! The classes were really engaging and intresting. Hope to have some advanced sessions 

Anonymous - Fabrics 1.0 (webinar May 2020)

Thanks so much Javier,

great introduction to an exciting piece of software.

Will be on the look out for more upcoming webinars!

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