Softbiome TV

  • 1 Live streamed design session every 2 weeks - max of 2 hours/each

  • All sessions will be available to watch again for 15 days since day of streaming


(cancel anytime)*

What is STV? :

Softbiome TV is an exciting and dynamic new format to engage with those who want to learn design the experimental way..

In opposition to the course format, Softbiome TV is not fully pre-planned. I will wake up on the streaming day and design and teach LIVE improvising over 1 or 2 main concepts - just like playing jazz :-)

Each session is different and will be autonomous - it will always have a finished designed outcome


The software i will use is the one you would expect from Softbiome: polygonal modelling in Modo, generative design in Houdini, rendering in Redshift and a mix of it all.. The idea is to experiment and combine techniques and approaches and produce innovative effects, spaces and objects. (Yes architecture will be the main theme to explore but not the only one).

In all honesty I enjoy doing this and I am very much looking forward to it!


-> Next session is Saturday 7h November at 10:30 am. 


I hope you can all join and be part of the community!

  * cancelations occur immediately - After cancellation your access to STV wont be active till the end of the billing month, it will stop immediately.


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