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DESIGN WEBINAR  3 - 4  October 2020

Organic modelling + Rendering using Houdini & Redshift

Introduction :

In this webinar I will show you some of the techniques i use to most for modelling organic architecture.

I will go through the principles of particles simulations first to then start discussing multiple "looks" through the use of VDBs. These are really powerful meshing techniques, native to Houdini , originally created to simulate water and fluid effects. We will use the power of VDBs and its amazing flexibility to mesh complex point clouds and geometries

The course will also cover rendering in Redshift. We will see how 

This webinar is for beginners and for those who already know Houdini but want to expand their repertoire of form making and rendering.

Content :

0 - Particles systems: introduction

1 - Particles systems: control and manipulation with and without other elements

2 - Bespoke simulations

3 - VDBs: introduction

4 - VDBs growth techniques

5 - VDBs booleans

6 - Redshift rendering: introduction

7 - Redshift rendering: bump and displacement maps

8 - Redshift rendering: bespoke strategies and techniques


(time spent on each point is variable.. some points will take much longer than others)

Length of the course :   12 hours

Access to videos :  6 months

Similar outcomes of the webinar:

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